5R Series

Offering tractors from 90 to 125 engine hp, the 5R Series Tractors brings big advantages and advanced technology to utility tractors to meet all your demands.

Make the 5R Series your next tractor

  • Easy-to-Use Transmission: Two fully electronic transmission options allow the operator to switch gears and ranges with a simple toggle of the gear shift lever.
  • AutoClutch™: Say goodbye to the days of needing to use the clutch. Automatically stop and re-engage the tractor by simply pressing the brake.
  • Maneuverability: Working in confined spaces? The 5R series has an 8% tighter turn radius than others in its class without the use of turning brakes due to the shorter wheelbase of 88.6 inches.
  • Premium Panorama Cab: Upward visibility improved 80% making simple work of bale stacking and loading mixing wagons.
  • Cornerpost Display: This reconfigurable interactive display showcases transmission settings, performance information, and allows operations to be customized to the operator’s preference, all while staying out of the line of sight.
  • Single Point Hydraulics: Minimizing time spent out of the seat, the new 5R series features a single point hydraulic connection to the new 540R loader.
  • Automatic Mast Latch: The new 540R loader features Automatic Mast Latch increasing your productivity by only needing to leave the seat once to attach or detach the loader.
  • Operator Comfort: A high back swivel seat with thicker cushions, larger armrests and integrated joystick controls optimizes your time in the seat.
  • Optional Cab Suspension: Large springs cushion the ride over rough terrain for any cab selection.
  • Fluid Efficiency with Increased Performance: The optional PFC hydraulic system operates 30% more efficiently while offering 25% more hydraulic flow capacity.

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