John Deere 448 Round Baler


8 Series Round Balers (Older)

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These simple-to-use, easy-to-read, and reliable monitoring systems from John Deere help you make perfectly sized and shaped bales every time. Simple mechanical size and shape indicators come standard on 448 and 458 Standard Balers and offer reliable monitoring for low-cost baling.

Model 448
Size ---
Diameter, in. (cm) 35 to 51 (89 to 130)
Width, in. (cm) 46 (117)
Weight ---
Full-size bale in dry crop, lb. (kg) 750 (340)
Max. allowable for silage bale, lb. (kg) 1250 (567)
Base Weight, lb. (kg) 3360 (1524)
Weight, lb. (kg)* NA
*with wide pickup, net, bale ejection sys. ---
Length ---
Gate Closed, in. (cm) 135 (343)
Gate Open, in. (cm) 174 (442)
Height ---
Gate Closed, in. (cm) 92 (234)
Gate Open, in. (cm) 114 (290)
Width ---
With Standard Tires, in. (cm) 89 (226)
With Opt. Tires (Hi-Flotation), in. (cm) 96 (244)
Bale Forming  
Forming Chamber Variable
Belts-Other ---
Number 6 Belts
Strength 3-ply
Width, in. (cm) 7 (18)
Length, regular, in. (cm) Two: 402.8 (1023)
Length, staggered, in. (cm) Four: 410.2 (1042)
Fabric Nylon Polyester Combination
Texture Diamond Tread
Enclosed % of Bale Surface 91
Belt Splices Extra Service Life (wire-type) Clipper
Density Control Hydraulic, Isolated from Tractor
Bale Size Indication ---
Regular Pickup  
Width ---
Inside, in. (cm) 46 (117)
Flare, in. (cm) 56 (142)
Drive Roller chain w/ V-belt
Bars 4
Number of Teeth 72
Tooth Spacing, in. (cm) 2.6 (6.6)
Lift Control Crank Std. - Hydraulic Opt.
Gauge Wheels Optional
Stripper Diameter, in. (cm) 10 (25.4)
Mega Wide Pickup  
Width ---
Inside, in. (cm) 61 (155)
Flare, in. (cm) 71 (180)
Drive Roller Chains w/ Slip-Clutch
Bars 4
Number of Regular Teeth 80
Number of Mega Teeth 16
Tooth Spacing, in. (cm) 2.6 (6.6)
Lift Control Crank Std. - Hydraulic Opt.
Gauge Wheels Semi pneumatic standard
Stripper Diameter, in. (cm) 10 (25.4)
Mega Tooth Pickup  
Width ---
Inside, in. (cm) ---
Flare, in. (cm) ---
Drive ---
Bars ---
Number of Middle Teeth ---
Number of Mega Teeth ---
Tooth Spacing, in. (cm) ---
Lift Control ---
Gauge Wheels ---
Stripper Diameter, in. (cm) ---
Twine Wrap  
Control Operator Control
Type .
Standard Hydraulic
Optional Electric
Twine Arms 2 std.
Twine Ball Capacity 5 std.
Monitor Console for Tractor Not Available
Gate Closed None
Bale Forming Mechanical Indicators
Bale Size Mechanical Indicator
Near Full Bale Audible
Full Bale Audible
Twine Arm Position Indicator Mechanical
Auto Wrap Not Available
Oversize Bale Mechanical and Audible
Surface Wrap  
Available No
Tire Size  
Standard 9.5L-14, 6-ply
Optional 31x13.5-15, 8-ply
Drive Line  
Drive Protection Shearbolt std. - Slip Clutch opt.
PTO Speed 540
Type Constant Velocity, Cat. 3 w/shearbolt; Cat. 4 w/slip clutch
PTO Lockback Collar on Tractor Hookup Option
PTO 60-Degree Free Rotation Option
Tractor Requirements  
Minimum PTO, hp (kW) 45 (34)
Hydraulic SCV Valves 2 (hyd. Tie) - 1 (elect. Tie)
Silage Baler Features  
Starter Roll Scraper Optional
Powered Scraping Auger No
Spirals on Gate Roll ---
Pre-Cutter/Slicer NA
High-Moisture Kit  

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