John Deere S680


S Series Combines

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  • Flexible cab options
  • High-performance S-Series cleaning system reduces slope sensitivity
  • ProDrive™ propulsion system automatically shifts between two speed ranges as ground conditions change
  • 400-bu (14,100-L) S-Series grain tank
Manufacturer John Deere
Model S680 S-Series Combine (2017)
Engine type  13.5 L 
   824 cu in. 
Emission level  Final Tier 4 / Tier 2 (Australia/New Zealand)  
Rated speed  2,100 rpm 
Rated power  353 kW 
   473 hp 
Power boost @ rated speed  37 kW 
   50 hp 
Fuel capacity  1,250 L 
   330 gal. 
Engine family    
Drive type  Fixed or multi-speed  
Conveyor chain slat type  Cast iron  
Width  1,397 mm 
   55 in. 
Length  1,727 mm 
   68 in. 
Feed Accelerator, Stone Trap (FAST)  Standard  
Reverser  Standard  
Threshing/ Separating  
Separator type  Rotary  
Rotor length  3,124 mm 
   123 in. 
Rotor diameter  762 mm 
   30 in. 
Rotor speed range  210-1,000 rpm 
Concave area  1.1 m2 
   1,705 sq in. 
Separating area  1.54 m2 
   2,390 sq in. 
Discharge grate area  0.45 m2 
   698 sq in. 
Front chaffer  0.5 m2 
   801 sq in. 
Front chaffer extension  0.8 m2 
   1,224 sq in. 
Chaffer  2.5 m2 
   3,824 sq in. 
Sieve area  2.1 m2 
   3,255 sq in. 
Total cleaning area (louvered)  5.9 m2 
   9,145 sq in. 
Cleaning fan speed  620-1,350 rpm 
Grain handling  
Grain tank size  14,100 L 
   400 bu 
Unloading auger length  6.9 or 7.9 m 
   22.5 or 26 ft 
Unloading rate  135 L/s 
   3.8 bu/sec 
Base weight - less head  
Total machine  20,750 kg 
   45,746 lb 
Manufacturing location  
Country  USA, East Moline, Illinois  
Additional information  
Date collected    

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