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John Deere PA30

JohnDeere PA30

Planetary Drive Augers

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  • Gear design gives this unit a long life
  • Reverse rotation for quick back out
  • Hydraulic relief valve protects the unit
  • Self-plumbing for straight holes


Model PA30
Maximum Auger Bit Diameter 914 mm (36 in.)
Overall Auger Bit Length 1219 mm (48 in.)
Hydraulic Flow  
Minimum 53 L/min. (14 gpm)
Maximum 114 L/min. (30 gpm)
Maximum Continous Operating psi 20 684 kPa (3,100 psi)
Output Shaft Options 51-mm (2 in.) Hex
Output Torque 3884 Nm (2,791 lb.-ft)
Output Speed  
23 L/min. (6 gpm) --------
30 L/min. (8 gpm) --------
38 L/min. (10 gpm) --------
45 L/min. (12 gmp) --------
57 L/min. (15 gpm) 49 rpm
68 L/min. (18 gpm) 59 rpm
76 L/min. (20 gpm) 66 rpm
106 L/min (28gpm 92 rpm
114 L/min. (30 gpm) 98 rpm
Vehicle Compatibility

312GR, 314G, 316GR, 318G, 320E, 324E,
330G, and 332G Skid Steers; 317G, 323E,
331G, and 333G CTLs; 35G, 50G, and 60G
Compact Excavators; and 204K, 244K,
304K, and 324K Compact Loaders*

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