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Use cropping practices that require the ultimate in accuracy?

Then go with RTK. It provides +/- 1-inch accuracy and repeatability pass to pass. Take advantage of AHW owned 450 MHz RTK network that covers over 17 million acres in Illinois and Indiana. The RTK system consists of a local base station near the field or farm that transmits corrections to the StarFire 6000 receiver on the RTK System equipped vehicle. The base station monitors the constellation of GPS satellites and continuously calculates a position. As the base station is not moving, errors can be calculated in real-time. These fluctuations are then sent to the vehicle via the RTK System radio. The vehicle’s receiver uses this information to calculate a highly accurate, corrected position. Because the John Deere Precision Ag RTK System optimizes your guidance, mapping, crop and field management software performance, it also optimizes your return on investment by reducing your overlaps and input costs, increase your yields, and maximizing your efficiency levels to get the most out of your fields. AHW’s dealer network eliminates the need for you to purchase and maintain your own base station, saving you even more time and money. Contact our sales department or Precision Ag Solutions Specialist to learn how RTK can bring value to your farming operation.

Benefits of RTK signal:

  • +/- 1 inch accuracy within a 12 mile radius from base station
  • Eliminate signal drifting
  • Year-to-year repeatability: travel the same guidance lines year after year


Applications of RTK signal:

  • Guidance: AutoTrac, iTec Pro


  • Section control: Swath Control Pro/Section Control, RowCommand
  • Controlled-traffic: Prevent and eliminate soil compaction
  • Controlled-application: Strip tillage/planting, side-dressing
  • Water management: Surface Water Pro, Surface Water Pro Plus, iGrade
  • Documentation: Field boundaries, elevation recordings, coverage mapping



Current Solar Activity Status

Solar X-rays


Geomagnetic Field


 Current Status according to NOAA at n3kl.org 

RTK network


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