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Ready to Mow Maintenance Program

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RTM tmbJohn Deere's Ready To Mow ™ program provides standard maintenance and diagnosis of problems for any type of lawn equipment at your home. A certified technician will arrive in a specialty truck or trailer to service your equipment right in your driveway. A regularly scheduled annual maintenance with Ready To Mow™ will extend the life of your mower, reduce costly repairs and leave a healthier, greener lawn in the process. Call AHW for more details or to schedule a date.

12 Point Pitstop Procedures
Walk Behind Mowers

  • Wipe off deck and engine shroud
  • Clean fuel vent cap.
  • Inspect or replace air filter element.
  • Inspect or replace spark plug, adjust gap.
  • Clean built up debris from udner mower deck.
  • Change and dispose of used oil and replace filter (if equipped)
  • Check blade brake clutch
  • Lube rear axle bearings
  • Clean clippings and debris from mower and belt area. Replace belt.
  • Inspect mower blade, sharpen or replace if necessary.
  • Check blade for balance and straightness.
  • Test overall operation of the mower.

14 Point R.T.M. Procedures
Riders and Tractors

  • Change engine oil and replace filter.
  • Change air filter and pre-cleaner.
  • Change spark plugs.
  • Change fuel filter.
  • Check transmission oil and filter.
  • Check engine coolant.
  • Check hydraulic filter.
  • Grind and sharpen mower blades.
  • Check safety systems
  • Check tire pressures and check mower deck level.
  • Check/tighten hardware.
  • Clean engine, battery, radiator and mower.
  • Lubricate tractor and mower
  • Check belts and mower adjustments