John Deere T670


T Series Combines

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  • Single-point feederhouse latching
  • Mass-flow sensor
  • Reel resume in-cab control
  • Easily remove fingers at rear of chaffer




Manufacturer John Deere
Model T670 T-Series Combine (2017)
Engine type  John Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine  
Emission level  FT4  
Rated speed  2200 rpm 
Rated power  292 kW 
   392 hp 
Power boost @ rated speed  25 kW 
   34 hp 
Fuel capacity  800 L 
   211 gal. 
Engine family  ---  
Drive type  Fixed  
Conveyor chain slat type  Under shot slat  
Width  ---  
Length  1.85 m 
   73 in. 
Feed Accelerator, Stone Trap (FAST)  Standard  
Reverser  Standard/59 kW 
   Standard/79 hp 
Threshing/ Separating  
Separator type  Multi Drum/Straw Walker  
Rotor length  ---  
Rotor diameter  ---  
Rotor speed range  220 - 990 rpm 
Concave area  1.35 m/s2 
   2093 sq in. 
Separating area  4.0 m/s2 
   6200 sq in. 
Discharge grate area  ---  
Front chaffer  0.6 m/s2 
   930 sq in. 
Front chaffer extension  ---  
Chaffer  3.06 m/s2 
   9393 sq in. 
Sieve area  2.64 m/s2 
   4092 sq in. 
Total cleaning area (louvered)  6.27 m/s2 
   9719 sq in. 
Cleaning fan speed  Regular speed: 550 - 1350 rpm 
   Slow speed: 300 - 600 rpm 
Grain handling  
Grain tank size  11.000 L 
   300 bu 
Unloading auger length  7.05 m 
   23.5 ft 
Unloading rate  115 L/s 
   3.3 bu/sec 
Base weight - less head  
Total machine  ---  
Manufacturing location  
Country  Germany  
Date collected  ---  

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